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Thank you for choosing to learn more about Amazon Series luxury hair care. We are on a mission to bring awareness about the Amazon Rain Forest through healthy, luxurious hair. The Amazon Series has set out to bring awareness to the hair and beauty industry about health and wellness that can be achieved through natural, anti-oxidant rich ingredients. As a company, Amazon Series plans to tackle the growing natural botanical demand. Each product in the Amazon Series line contains extracts from many of the Amazon Rainforest’s amazing plants and fruits.

The health benefits of natural vegetation are widely unknown, and the Amazon Series is challenging the world to learn more about them. These amazing fruits and plants that contain antioxidants, vitamins and intense moisturizing capabilities have the capacity to eliminate free radicals and restore balance all while maintaining the integrity of being completely natural.

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Our products present a competitive advantage by putting together the highest most natural ingredients to improve the health of the hair shaft over time.

No parabens, sulfates, or formaldehydes.

Professional products without fumes or harsh chemicals.

Products can be customized to client’s needs.

“Shop-by-Step” system

  • Cleanse
  • Replenish
  • Treat

For every one of our lines we have developed a “Shop-by-Step” system that combines our unprecedented unique nutrient-rich formulas to restore hair to its original state regardless of any treatment that has gone through. It starts with the light side of the spectrum “Muru Muru” ending with our very rich “Jojoba” line.

There are a series of complementary finishing leave-in products that when used in combination with chemical professional treatments have shown to significantly improve the outcome of them, such as coloring or smoothing.