How to bring life back to weak, brittle hair

Find that you hair is feeling weak? Breaking off? or just lifeless?
Try Seal and Shine by mixing the Amazon Series Muru Muru hand oil and Muru Muru conditioner together or an explosive strengthening effect! The Muru Muru Conditioner contains pure Keratin that restores the natural keratin missing in you hair making it dull, lifeless and brittle. With a little mix of the Muru Muru Hand oil for moisture; it is sure to rejuvenate.

MuruMuru Anti-Frizz Keratin Conditioner

This conditioner restores moisture and health to skin and hair with MuruMuru Butter, an extremely effective and all natural ingredient. Combined with the Aҫaì Berry, MuruMuru anti-Frizz Keratin Conditioner delivers luxurious results. The amazing MuruMuru plant contains plenty of protective lipids that when applied to skin or hair help to repair lipid barriers while pure Keratin restructures and retexturizes damaged, porous hair. Intense moisture and protein is restored, and frizz is eliminated.


Apply to hair and comb through. Rinse and towel dry.

MuruMuru Hair & Hand Oil

Transforms hair and hands with each rich, ultra-nourishing drop


For Hair: Use on wet or dry hair for moisture & a sleek style. Use sparingly.
For Hands: Dispense a small amount into hands , emulsify & and massage into the cuticles.