Protect and Revive


Is your color dull? Is your hair also lacking moisture?
Try Protect & Revive by cock-tailing the Amazon Series Acai Mist and Tucuma treatment for a vibrant color and never ending moisture. This cocktail will be sure to bring you hair back to life!

Acai Mist Keratin Strengthening Spray (4 oz.)

1 x Açaí Mist Keratin Strengthening Spray

Infused with UV protectant strengthens and protects hair. No sodium-chloride. Natural Botanical.


Tucuma Color Preservation Treatment (8.5 oz.)

1 x Tucuma Color Preservation Treatment

For color treated hair, and UV protection. Contains no parabens, Natural Botanical.



Product Description

Protect and Revive using Acai Mist and Tucuma Color Preservation Treatment
For all hair textures

Acai mist and Tucuma’s deep penetrating moisture to bring thirsty hair back to a hydrated, luxurious state.

Tucuma Color Preservation Treatment to damp hair. Follow by spraying Acai mist keratin strengthening spray directly over the treatment. Apply heat for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and style as usual.

Keep hair color vibrant & moisturized while protecting the hair from heat styling by cocktailing Tucuma Color Preservation Treatment and Acai Mist.


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