Shine Boosting Protein Shot


Try the Shine Boosting Protein Shot!
Get soft, shiny, tangle-free and strong hair by combining the Acai Oil and the KerAcai treatment. This mix will hydrate the hair while replenishing lost protein all while hydrating your skin.

Acai Oil Treatment (2 oz.)

1 x Açaí Oil Hair Treatment (2 oz)

Healthy boost for all  hair types. Natural Botanical.


KerAcai Restorative Treatment (8.5 oz.)

1 x KerAçaí Restorative Leave-in Treatment

Leave in keratin treatment with Açaí berry extracts. No formaldehyde.



Product Description

Shine Boosting Protein shot using Acai oil and Keracai Restorative treatment
For normal to coarse hair textures

Combining two of the Amazon series most reparative products for a miraculous finish.

Acai oils restorative benefits combined with the strengthening power of Keracai has made this one of the most popular cocktails in the Amazon Series Smoothing Bar.

Cocktail Acai oil & Keracai restorative treatment. Emulsify well and apply on damp hair . Using a De Fabulous paddle brush, gently brush hair to distribute the products evenly. Our Shine Boosting Protein Shot detangles, softens and strengthens the hair making this blow out service a breeze.

Treat your clients to a boost of shine impact while repairing the hair during your blow out service with our Acai oil & Kearcai Restorative Treatment.


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