I love the Açaí Mist, first of all the scent. It leaves a very pleasant aroma in the hair. What I love most is the shine, doesn’t feel heavy or sticky on the hair. Since I flat iron my own hair so much I used to use the “Hot off the Press” product from Paul Mitchell until I tried The Acai Mist. I was completely sold. Denys Alt

Independent Hair Stylist

Clients love it. I deal mostly with ethnic hair and the Cysteine works great for the hair type. I particularly like the KerAcai and Acai oil treatment. Leaves the hair in great condition and in a restorative state. My clientele has increased. I’m getting the word out about your magnificent product and already have 2 salons lined up to purchase from you!

Rare Secrets Salon

Cysteine Complex is a wonderful “GREEN” Healthy method of relaxing hair. The new growth of previously relaxed hair, with Sodium Hydroxide, can be relaxed leaving strength and integrity in the hair. After the Cysteine Complex is shampooed out of the hair and the hair conditioned and dried and flat ironed, there is body, shine and beautiful movement to the hair.

Nina's Beauty Salon

I do mainly Syrian & Lebanese clients. Cysteine Complex has allowed me to relax their hair, eliminate any and all frizz and give clients hair that is at least 90% more healthy than BEFORE using Cysteine Complex.

Christians Beauty Salon

I am African American with very course hair. About a couple months ago I started doing the Cysteine Complex treatment to my damaged hair and I saw a lot of improvements using the line of products. My hair was a lot less course and a whole lot stronger. About a month ago, I got a relaxer and my hair started breaking off in chunks. It was terrible! I began using the Silk Acai Botanical treatment along with the Keracai leave-in restorative treatment and the results have been wonderful!! My hair is stronger, a lot healthier and silky smooth! The Acai oil does wonders with the shine without having the ‘oily feel’. I would definitely recommend this line of product to any and everyone! Jermima

Independent Hair Stylist, Virgin islands

Honestly, I was using another International Product Line for years and never thought that I would change but with the introduction of the Keratin products by Amazon Series and the Shampoos, Conditioners and Treatments, I am in AWE of these products. I still cannot believe that Cysteine Complex can take Natural Ethnic Hair and make it soft, silky and controllable. When I style a client who has had Cysteine Complex she has options. She can wear her hair straight, blow dried and flat Ironed, Curly by setting on rollers or natural with just Keracai Leave In Treatment and Acai oil…All these options AND NO FRIZZ.

Zee's Beauty Salon

The Amazon Series is awesome. Just tried the new Masque and the Hair felt so healthy. My client had just had a hospital stay of ten days and her hair needed restoration badly. Loved the results! Barbara Dey

Artistic Hair Care and Design

For those who want the look of the Keratin treatment without the price and and the time to do this service, the KerAcai is a great alternative. While it does not give you the perfect Keratin look that the in salon treatment does, it does cut the frizz down tremendously and cuts your drying time in half. If you have the Keratin treatment done, this enhances the life of your Keratin. It adds shine and smoothness. We love it! Great for this Atlanta humidity!

Intrigue Salon

After using Cysteine Complex by Amazon Series we believe that this is the next explosion in creativity for Ethnic Hair. What we noticed after using Cysteine Complex on previously relaxed hair with Sodium Hydroxide was that the previously relaxed hair which had become thin, dry and lifeless, the diameter of this hair expanded and the condition of the previously relaxed hair was very much improved.

Salon Success St. George's Grenada

What I love about using Cysteine Complex by De Fabulous is that there are no fumes when heat is applied. I love the Clarifying shampoo which actually eliminates all residue from the hair but unlike most other Clarifying Shampoos, this shampoo leaves the hair soft and shiny. I find myself using Cysteine Complex on more and more of my clients.

The Cutting Edge Salon

I have been using the Amazon Series on my clients and it is so refreshing to find a product line that actually lives up to the promotions. The shampoos and conditioners are, like it’s brand name, simply fabulous. My clients love the refreshing scent and are impressed with the condition it leaves their hair in. The Masque is smoothing and moisturizing and leaves chemically treated hair shiny and stronger. My clients have been asking me to purchase and that is so wonderful as it will increases my retail without me having to do a hard sell. All in all, this product line is a win/win for both hair stylist and client. Debbie Blood

Master Stylist

The world is going through all sorts of changes and in our Beauty Industry it is exciting and stimulating to find a company like Amazon Series which is on the cutting edge of technology. Not only is Cysteine Complex a “Break Through” for our Industry, allowing us Hairdressers to offer our clients Healthy Options to Hair Control but the after care products of Acai Oil and Keracai Leave In Treatment work beautifully on ALL HAIR TYPES. Thank you Amazon Series.

Sandra's Beauty Salon

Cysteine Complex is so in keeping with the world’s attention to the environment. There are no fumes, there are no harsh ingredients and yet the client’s hair is stronger and more beautiful after using Cysteine Complex by De Fabulous.

Hair Affair